Chef’s Place

Wine & Spirits

This exclusive zone is the meeting point for top chefs and sommeliers. About 100 exhibitors present their top offer in delicacies, wines, spirits, tableware and decoration.

Discover the new Serax collections by iconic fahion designer Ann Demeulemeester.

You also get the opportunity to follow a Masterclass by top chefs for top chefs or you can attend a Masterclass Wine & Cocktails.


La Jaunesse


La Jaunesse, the Hospitality Trend Circles were designed by interior architect Bjorn Verlinde with a strong focus on the interior and decoration of high-end restaurants, wine bars and boutique hotels.

You can discover the most recent exclusive materials of following trendsetters…

La Jaunesse - visual project
Horeca Expo Food Nonfood

Bossuyt Horeca Interiors

Bossuyt Horeca Interiors takes care of the creation, design, production and placement of horeca concepts.

Their in-house team of advisors and interior architects help developping the concept and translation into the decoration of the project.

de compagnie

De compagnie is first a family story where they live by the same values they started with 20 years ago.

They’ve not only grown in Belgium, but also internationally. The company sources and tailors contract furniture for hospitality, corporate and private projects. They help to bring dreams to life from the first look at your plans to the last piece of furniture being delivered and installed.

Horeca Expo 2019 Coffee Tea Sweets
La Jaunesse IVC upload


IVC is the commercial branch of the IVC Group, focused on the creation of unique floorings voor businesses, offices, retail environments, horeca projects, education and health care.

Orac Decor®

The philosophy of Orac Decor® is to stimulate creativity and to inspire people to create spaces that reflect their personality.  Therefore their slogan ‘Free Your Personality’.

They like to inspire their clients with their collection to transform a room to a dream spot that bursts of character.  A unique place that tells you who you are in lief. Orac Decor® strives to be at the forefront in terms of technology, materials and design.

La Jaunesse - Orac upload
La Jaunesse - Serax upload


Serax contributes to the creation of unforgettable moments at home and in the best restaurants and hotels all over the world.

As a leading design brand, Serax offers a wide range of unique tableware, furniture and lightning, in collaboration with upcoming talents and established designers. The Serax products are manufactured by craftsmen and are sold worldwide to carefully selected shops, restaurants and hotels.


Linen stories – from Flax to linen since 1956.

Verilin is your linen for table, bed and interior.
Belgian craftsmanship and customization for table linen, bed linen, as well as curtains, stores and acoustic solutions. They provide an all-in service from measurement to placement by their own team.

La Jaunesse - Verilin


1 module: € 2.500

This module consists of:
  • carpet, counter (2x1m) and barstool
  • signage: your name mentioned on the counter
  • the area is equipped with light bridges and spots
  • common storage, including: racks, running hot & cold water and sink
  • cleaning of the general area and storage
  • free Wifi
  • lounge for you and your customers
  • separate exhibitors entrance
  • 2 exhibitor badges per module
  • hostesses at the entrance to welcome the visitors (strict entrance policy)
  • experience and inspiration thanks to Masterclasses
  • qualitative visitors invited by Horeca Expo
Insurances (mandatory),
civil liability & all risk:
  • to max. € 50.000: € 200
  • to max. € 100.000: € 350
  • to max. € 250.000: € 500
EasyGo Package
  • GoVisibility: € 700
  • GoLeads: € 1.000
  • GoPlus: € 1.400
  • GoPremium: € 3.000
Waste Fee
  • € 50

Interested in participating?

Feel free to contact Sofie Bombeeck:
+32 (0) 9 241 98 21

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