17 – 20 nov 2024 | Flanders Expo Gand



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With our premium mixed cocktails we offer the ultimate solution for every business.
Without any professional knowledge you can easily make our cocktails in 10sec.
This way you save time, staff and also increase your sales!

We go for the ultimate, premium taste experi- ence. It’s important to us that our cocktails have a subtle yet strong flavour. We promise it won’t even come to mind that everything is premixed. Staying creative and constantly reinventing ourselves are our main goals. Panache wants to inspire people with unique taste palettes. This way Panache can be a part of those unforget- table moments together with the people you love.

Are you interested in a tasting, no strings attached? Feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to host a little cocktailparty!




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