obligatory registration

You can only visit Horeca Expo when you have a free registration code.
Please contact your supplier if you don’t have a code yet.

  • register using the free code on your invitation card
  • you will receive a confirmation email, containing a link towards your entrance ticket
  • print this ticket en bring it with you to the fair

No printed ticket?

We only accept a print of your entrance ticket (ticket on smartphone doesn’t count). If you can’t present a print, you will be charged € 10*.

If you are a professional visitor, but you haven’t got a invitation. You can buy a ticket at the cash register at € 50.

* The printed ticket is a service towards our exhibitors. We kindly ask you to wear your ticket with a lanyard around your neck. By scanning the QR code, the exhibitor can quickly get your coordinates.


Request form hotel schools

Final-year students of hotel schools, can visit Horeca Expo on Thursday if they register in advance.

We’ll charge afterwards € 10 per student that visited the fair.