Cubilis Yields


Cubilis Yields: selling rooms and services at the right price, at the right time, to the right people.

Today, accommodation owners use hundreds of online sales channels to promote their accommodation – think of, Expedia, Airbnb, their own website, … Stardekk has been offering user-friendly software (via Cubilis / Bookingplanner) to manage these sales channels centrally for some time now.
Cubilis Yields provides an extra and essential addition to this control.

Cubilis Yields is a “yield management tool” that helps hoteliers to determine and implement an intelligent pricing strategy. Cubilis Yields enables accommodation managers:
– Automate manual actions: through an “action – consequence” system, accommodation owners set their own triggers that result in actions or price adjustments. Each trigger is freely adjustable on all online sales channels within Cubilis, so they can be very complex or just very simple.
– Integrate external data into their (price) strategy: Cubilis Yields is enriched with external / anonymous market data and, partly based on this external data, makes its own suggestions for price adjustments.
– Maximising turnover / profit: by taking into account both internal and external data, accommodation owners enjoy an excellent control of the (price) strategy. The final goal of Cubilis Yields is to achieve more bookings at better rates.

In addition to all this, Yields is driven by complex algorithms (Machine Learning) that continuously improve themselves so that the system continues to gain in performance and relevance.

Stardekk’s slogan is still “More bookings, less administration” and Cubilis Yields is another telling example of this.





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