Calculated optimal employee schedule


A lot of hospitality businesses are happy when they are able to fill their schedule but don’t check if their planning is the most optimal solution.
This will change.

Onlinewerkrooster checks the data that can impact the schedule:
– Weather
– Revenue (linked with the cash register)
– Reservations (linked met reservation tools)
– Schedule history
– Employee scores
– Reviews on social media
– Availability of the worksforce.

With this data, we have developed an algorithm (AI) that can do 2 things:
1. We evaluate if the current planning is the most optimal planning
We check if we can make one with less employee cost, or if we can find a planning with the same cost, but with employees that have a higher score.
2. We propose a planning completely from scratch. This planning will take into account the contractual hours of the fixed staff and the legislations of PC302 (hospitality)

De end goal hier is to maximize the profitability of a hospitality business





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