Bookingplanner PMS


Bookingplanner (Cloud-based PMS)

Bookingplanner is a cloud-based Property Management System (PMS) that helps with the management of your hotel, B&B and vacation rental. This hotel software simplifies daily tasks such as keeping track of reservations, making invoices and cleaning rooms. Furthermore, you always have a clear view on your accommodation thanks to the user-friendly planboard.

Connection to Cubilis Channel Manager

Thanks to the connection to Cubilis Channel Manager all the reservations are automatically synchronised with Bookingplanner. Add extra remarks to each room, create a cleaning and breakfast list, and draw up invoices. In brief: Simplify the daily management of your establishment and save time which you can spend to give your guests an even better customer experience.

Bookingplanner PMS is part of a suite of systems. The system can be perfectly linked to the Cubilis Channel Manager, the Cubilis booking Engine, the Website Manager and more.
In addition, we also connect with external systems. check our website to see which systems we connect with.

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