From Jakarta to New York and from Reykjavik to Cape Town. Eating and drinking is a common interest across all continents, cultures, peoples, religions and languages. Every person on this planet interacts with the hospitality industry in some point. That includes you and me.

During every visit to a catering business expectations are high, and not just in terms of culinary experience, but too often the importance of the appearance of floor staff is forgotten. This is where Pavelinni wants to create extra added value. With tailer-made catering aprons that match the image of the catering business and style of the kitchen. With our aprons we want to expand the creative world of the chef into the presentation of the floor staff: aprons that connect the world!

Three Belgian culinary star chefs, Dimitry Lysens – Magis, Jan Menten – De Mijlpaal and Jo Grootaers – Altermezzo each designed a contemporary apron according to their own taste. A apron which matches with the style of their kitchen and the image of their restaurant. This has resulted in three modern apron lines, each available in several colors to match in every interior.

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