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Stardekk Hospitality software, online strategy and web design

From online booking on specially designed websites to checking out guests and cleaning rooms, Stardekk will help you on your way. Our hospitality software offers a time-saving tool at every stage of the customer experience that makes the work easier for you, as a hotel or restaurant manager.

• Adjust prices and availability via one central dashboard (Cubilis Channel Manager).
• Increase direct bookings (Cubilis Booking Engine, Ratebox & Web Design)
• Improve your pricing strategy with automatic assistance (Cubilis Yields)
• Offer multiple accommodations on one module (Cubilis Portal Booker)
• Manage your accommodation (Bookingplanner PMS)
• Receive and manage restaurant reservations (Little Restaurant)
• Automate pre- and post-mails (E-mailinglist)

The quality of Stardekk’s products has made the company a preferred IT partner of the leaders in the travel industry such as, Expedia, Google, Airbnb & TripAdvisor.

The company has more than 3500 customers and more than 350 connectivity partners. The easy-to-use software helps you simplify your daily management and increase your turnover.

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