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The best coffee is brewed with love

Whether it’s a part of your morning ritual or for a cosy break… Coffee’s got to taste right. But how do you tell the good from the burnt in the massive range of choices out there? By opting for a master roaster who brings the best out of a natural product, that’s how! The Belgian family business, The JAVA Coffee Company, has been doing this since 1935. Today SHEO Kathleen Claes is still just as proud of her great-grandmother’s coffee roasting secrets as ever.

Slow roasting
“Delicious coffee starts with the right beans. At The JAVA Coffee Company, we only use the very best coffee beans. We then slowly roast these beans from the inside out using modern technology, but taking just as much time and care as the last four generations.”

Smart packaging
“The faster you package ground coffee, the better you can maintain the aroma. That’s why we’ve added a smart valve to all our packaging. Thanks to this vent and the rounded vacuum packaging, we can immediately package the coffee right after roasting and grinding it.”

“As a natural product, coffee is sensitive to global warming. That’s why we feel that it’s so important to accept our responsibility. Our production process has been completely climate-neutral since 2016.”

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