Federale Overheidsdienst Financiën – Service Public Fédéral Finances

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The implementation of the core tasks of the FPS Finance, is always revolving around the delicate balance between the rights which the law extends to citizens or companies and the obligations it imposes on them.
Furthermore, the FPS Finance carries out various tasks in the field of taxes, finances, etc. Our core activities, which we could call our reason for existence, are expressed in our mission in order to make them clear and comprehensible for all.
The FPS Finance is responsible for different tasks:
– Fair and correct taxation levied in due time, which means ensuring that every taxpayer pays what he owes in a correct and fair way;
– Optimal funding while guaranteeing the balance between the State Treasury and the outstanding debts, and the follow-up of the economic and financial requests in support of the relevant government policy;
– Within the framework of legal transactions involving goods, helping to ensure legal certainty by maintaining the public property records;
– Supervising flows of goods upon importation, transit and exportation in order to contribute to the organization of the market, the economic safety, the protection of public health, the environment and the safety of people and goods;
– Contributing to preventing and fighting all forms of fraud in all areas of society;
– Providing policy support in the areas which are part of the “mission” of the FPS.
– The “mission” of the FPS Finance is limited to the federal government, save some specific laws on supranational and regional level, and often involves the delicate balance between the rights of citizens and companies and their obligations towards the community and the government.

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