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Cocktails have become indispensable in every restaurant, bar and even at events. Cocktails are currently the hardest growing turnover factor in the hospitality industry. And that while the margins are relatively high!
At the same time, however, it is becoming harder to find sufficient skilled bar staff. The TenderOne cocktail machines are therefore designed to support your bar staff!

Our TenderOne cocktail machines make the perfect cocktail within three seconds! You set up your own recipes, which are our cocktail machine then can accurately dosing at 0.1 cl. Then you choose yourself whether you want to shake or garnish the cocktails (and mocktails!). This allows you to add another experience.

By using 40 pipes, the TenderOne machines can prepare hundreds of different cocktails. In addition we offer a suitable machine for every environment. From a mobile cocktail bar to the smaller TenderOne BottleTender!

Because of the speed of our cocktail machines, your staff has more time to pay attention to your guests. Users of TenderOne cocktail machines almost instantly see a saving on their waste and ingredients. In addition, they notice that their entire bar facility becomes more efficient.

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