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Caves the France is a family company which was set up in 1958, and has in the meantime developed into a renowned wine house, which has become a certain term within the wine world. Beside the large known wine castles from France our customers will find a large assortment of excellent quality wines, which we carefully and personally have selected for them. On this moment Caves de France offers a choice of about 1000 wines, which are imported directly from the wine producer, as a result of which the most favorable price can be always guaranteed.
Also other countries such as South Africa, Argentina, Chile, New-Zealand, Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal are largely taken into consideration. The term “World Quality Wines” was therefore added in 1995 to our trade name referring to our big international range. Caves the France is not only a wine trader with an important tradition, it continues going also young and dynamically by always being in search to new discoveries!!!
Caves the France has already 30 years a daughter company in Bordeaux specialized in the Grand Cru Classés.
Our customers exists of 20% wine traders, 10% companies, 20% private customers and 50% high class restaurants. We work with representatives which visit at regular time the restaurants.
Another important trump is the permanent stock in our storehouse of about 400 000 bottles, which gives us the possibility to easily serve our clients and deliver all over Belgium.
Caves the France has been situated in the rural community Schoonaarde (municipality of Dendermonde) and is easily contactable both from Brussels, Ghent and Antwerp. Our offices and storehouse are situated in a splendid and still authentic 18° century farm, where also regularly tastings and wine courses are organized.

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